Our Pacific Coast Highway
Hotels Guide

To help you in choosing your Pacific Coast Highway hotel, guesthouse, inn, bed-and-breakfast, resort, motel or other accommodations, we've prepared our Pacific Coast Highway Hotels Guide ebook. In it we do mini-reviews of accommodations along the PCH, from Seattle to San Diego, through Washington, Oregon, and California

In all there are well over 200 hotels listed, complete with several pages of color maps showing the towns where our recommended hotels can be found. There are both alphabetical and geographical indexes, helping you plan your journey. We also include color photos of all the hotels that are our Personal Favorites.

The 2018 edition of our Hotels Guide is available for the Kindle, with maps and photos in color, if you have a color reader. You can buy it in the US Kindle Store and in the UK Kindle Store and around the world. 

We obviously can't list every one of the thousands of hotels between San Diego and Seattle, but instead we've chosen a cross-section in different price ranges in or near the main places along the PCH. We've included as many historic or unusual hotels as we can, all of which are likely to make your overnight stay memorable in some way. We've mostly avoided chains like Motel-6 and Days Inn, of which there are many along the coast. We've nothing against them and have often stayed on them when on the road, but we figure most people can probably find those places for themselves.

City Hotels
In the major cities of Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, there are far more hotels than we can hope to cover. Instead we've given a few reliable suggestions in the different price ranges of hotels that we think stand out from the crowd. It can be hard to find budget accommodations in the major cities, but we’ve found a few that manage to be both good and inexpensive.

Price Ranges
We've listed accommodation under three simple headings – Budget, Moderate, and Expensive. We've not given specific prices, as these can change enormously from season to season. Also, if you visit a hotel website or check on websites like TripAdvisor or Expedia, you might get special deals which turn an Expensive hotel into a Moderate one or a Moderate into a Budget. In addition, some places have a range of rooms and prices that can vary widely. By and large, though, we're reckoning under about $120 per room per night is Budget, $120-200 is Moderate, and over $200 is Expensive. 

What's Included
We've called it a guide to hotels to keep it simple, but the ebook also includes motels, resorts, inns, guesthouses, bed-and-breakfasts, motels – anywhere you might want to stay while driving the Pacific Coast Highway.

Hotel Contact Details
We've given the website, address, and phone number for each hotel we've listed. If you're planning your trip we assume you'll have internet access and can take a look at the hotel's own website. If you're on the road and have this ebook on your laptop, then you'll need the phone number and address in case you don't have an internet connection. 

How the Ebook is Organized
We've done the main listings purely in alphabetical order. The advantage of an ebook is of course that you can search it easily. If you're heading for Cambria and want to know where to stay, just search for 'Cambria' and go straight to that page. We’ve also provided eight maps that will be useful whether you plan to drive north-south or south-north - a geographical index in addition to the alphabetical index.

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