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The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, which carries the Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur, was closed in March 2017 after crumbling. It re-opened in October 2017.

Not long after the bridge collapsed, a mudslide about 30 miles south of the bridge also closed another part of the highway, likely to be for a year. You can still drive most of the highway but will need to take a detour inland to get round the mudslide, but if you don't mind retracing your steps a little you can still see almost all of the coast.

If you can delay your trip till later in 2018, that would be better, but if you have to make the drive before then you can still do it but get up-to-date information on the situation on the

Caltrans information page

UPDATE September 2017
Mudslide won't be cleared till summer 2018.
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The PCH is for everyone to enjoy - not just drivers but cyclists, walkers, and residents too. Take a look at this safety video and make sure everyone gets to enjoy the road:

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To help you in choosing your Pacific Coast Highway hotel, guesthouse, inn, bed-and-breakfast, resort, motel or other accommodations, we've prepared our Pacific Coast Highway Hotels Guide. In it we do mini-reviews of accommodations along the Highway, from Seattle to San Diego, through Washington, Oregon, and California.

In all there are over 200 hotels listed, complete with 8 pages of color maps showing the towns where our recommended hotels can be found. There are both alphabetical and geographical indexes, helping you plan your journey.

We also include color photos of all the hotels that are our Personal Favorites. Here's the link to read more about our ebook guide to Pacific Coast Highway hotels.

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