riverside restaurant, oysterville, Wash

by Laryssa Kaiser

Best Oysters Ever. I'm from the east coast, have been "munching" oysters (as well as other varieties of seafood) all my life, and the first slurp-bite into one of these was an "aha" moment. I have never been a huge fan of oysters, never knew what all the fuss was about. But these were like food from another planet. Buttery, huge, fresh. The accolades could go on and on but you truly need to experience these first hand.

The decor is a mix of tienda-lovely, and back-of-second hand shop trendy. The owner (and wife?) run a tight ship-they shuck and broil themselves, so its a full time job. Takes a while to get these guys on the table, but its well worth the wait. ANd while you wait you can watch all the tricks of the trade as the owner shucks, marinates and smokes your oysters right in front of your very eyes.

And the view (across Hwy 101) is directly into the Bay - lovely.

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