Best Time to Visit Malibu

Pacific Coast Highway Travel explains the best time to visit Malibu with a month-by-month description of what you can expect from the weather in a typical year.

Ah, Malibu! Known for its crisp blue oceans, magnificent cliffside views, and celebrity homes, it's no surprise you've considered a visit during your dream-drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. The question of optimal weather is crucial!

malibu-14-pier-wikipedia.jpgMalibu Pier at Sunset

To aid in your journey, we'll embark on a month-by-month exploration, capturing the essence of "The Weather in Malibu". Further down there's a broader season-by-season guide to Malibu's weather patterns. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

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Best Month to Visit Malibu

January in Malibu is truly a winter wonderland - minus the snow! Temperatures range from 48°F to 64°F (8-17°C). While it's the coldest month, the California climate keeps frostbite at bay. You can enjoy scenic hikes without much sweat or beach walking without freezing toes.

February calls for a bit more sunshine. The temperature averages from 48°F to 66°F (8-19°C), as winter gradually begins to bid adieu. Stand-up paddleboarding, anyone?

As we enter March, the flora gets its palette of colors back, thanks to the occasional drizzle. With temperatures fluctuating between 50°F and 68°F (10-20°C), the days get longer and sunny, making it one of the best times to visit Malibu.

california-beach-2-malibu.jpgThe Beach at Malibu

April sees the start of the dry season with temperatures bouncing between 52°F and 70°F (11-21°C). It’s the perfect time for a scenic drive down the Pacific Coast Highway or an afternoon picnic on the beach.

Fast-forward to May, and it's starting to warm up quite nicely, with temperatures ranging from 56°F to 70°F (13-21°C). The weekends can get busy, so plan your trip wisely, or you might spend more time in traffic than sand.

June, typically the start of summer, sees the infamous 'June Gloom' phenomenon, where mornings might greet you with fog, but by noon, the sun's out. Temps linger from 59°F to 72°F (15-22°C), perfect for exploring famous sites like the Getty Villa.


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July is when summer truly kicks in. You'll see temperatures between 61°F and 75°F (16-24°C), with the sun lending ample light for any Malibu wine safaris or sunset dinners.

August maintains the summer routine. The temperature range of 61°F to 75°F (16-24°C) creates beautiful weather for surfing, a favorite pastime of locals. But do remember to lather up the sunscreen!

malibu-15-beach.jpgMalibu Beach

Come September, and Malibu’s weather gets even better. The daytime temperature varies between 70°F and 75°F (21-24°C). The month is known for its clear skies and splendid sunsets, making it truly one of the best times to visit Malibu.

As we venture into October, expect a little dip in temperature, ranging from 60°F to 73°F (15-23°C). The weather is pleasant, and the Pacific Coast Highway unfurls in autumn hues - stunning!

November typically sees a return of occasional showers. With the temperature range settling between 53°F to 69°F (11-20°C), the weather becomes cooler and a cozy sweater might be a good idea for those evening strolls.

Lastly, December marks the beginning of winter with temperatures ranging from 49°F to 66°F (9-19°C). There’s a certain charm in enjoying the crisp winter air, cup of coffee in hand, looking out at the endless expanse of the Pacific – are we right?

Best Season to Visit Malibu

Now, let's discuss the overall seasonal weather in Malibu. The winter months - December, January, and February - mark the "coolest" weather. Despite being comparatively cooler, it's far from the frosty winters in other states. You'll find yourself comfortable in a light jacket, and probably won't encounter a snowflake in sight.

Spring - March, April, and May - provides idyllic weather. The days are longer, the flowers bloom, and the overall atmosphere brings a certain lightness, which makes it perfect for those memorable drives along the coast.

malibu-pixabay-1.jpgThe Ocean at Malibu

Then comes the summer - June, July, and August. Did you know Malibu is an Indian name meaning "The Surf Sounds Loudly"? Summer in Malibu justifies this name perfectly – offering ideal conditions to enjoy the surf and sand. But remember to pack hats and apply lots of sunscreen, as the sun can get pretty intense.

Lastly, Autumn - September, October, and November - is the time when the weather cools down, and you can enjoy your pumpkin spice latte along with the colorful fall foliage. It’s a beautiful transition from the tropic summer to the cosy winter.

sunset-malibu-beach.jpgMalibu Sunset

Overall, the weather in Malibu is quite mild and pleasant throughout the year, primarily due to its Mediterranean climate. This means, regardless of the month you choose for your visit, it’s likely to offer sunshine and a blue sky.

However, if you're set on enjoying the spectacular beaches, plan your trip for the summertime. Remember it can get quite crowded, so plan ahead and arrive early.

If it’s the scenic drives and hiking that’s tempting you, consider the spring or autumn season. You’ll be greeted with vibrant wildflowers or beautiful fall colors making those drives even more picturesque.

As for Surfing, it's most popular during winter due to the larger and more consistent swells. But hey, the surf sounds loudly all year round, so you won't find a bad time!

The final verdict? Well, there isn't a bad time to visit Malibu, really! When you plan to visit depends on your preferences and activities you want to pursue. So pack your bags and let the allure of Malibu take you on an unforgettable adventure!

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