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Our guide to Pacific Coast Highway Hotels is now available as an app in the Apple Store. Above, you can see a screenshot for one of the hotels listed. It’s the same information that is available in the ebook version, the US print version, the US Kindle version, the UK print version and the UK Kindle version, but each hotel now has its own photo, as well as its own page, and a location map. Being an app, it is of course fully searchable. You’ll see some of its features listed further down the page.

Producing the Pacific Coast Highway Hotels App
It was surprisingly easy to produce the app, from our point of view. We worked with the clever guys at GuideGecko, whose technical wizardry took our book and, once we’d found photos for all the hotels, turned it into an app at the push of a button. It took just 7 weeks from us getting an email from GuideGecko suggesting the idea to the app appearing in the Apple Store.

Why Buy the Pacific Coast Highway Hotels App?
Well, for one thing it’s the cheapest way of getting the accommodation guide. And for another, you automatically get the updates free of charge. Hey, just a minute – maybe it’s not such a good idea! Just kidding. We hope you will buy it and we’ve set the price cheaply.

Main Features of the Pacific Coast Highway Travel Hotels App
Here’s a little more about the app to help you decide if you want to buy it or not:

Why Get This App?
✔ Written by two award-winning travel writers
✔ From the publishers of the leading online guide to the Pacific Coast Highway
✔ Quickly and easily find the best hotels and other accommodations in all price ranges for every stop along the Pacific Coast Highway
✔ Covers the whole highway from San Diego to Seattle

Inside This App
✔ Accommodations rated from Budget to Expensive
✔ Range of accommodations includes historic inns, family guesthouses, luxury spas, and only places with some character
✔ Find budget places to stay in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle
✔ Full contact details for all hotels
✔ Locations plotted on an offline map - no roaming charges!
✔ Covers California, Oregon, and Washington
✔ Free bonus section - best places to stay in Wine Country
✔ Rates over 150 hotels along the Pacific Coast Highway, and 50 more in the Wine Country of Napa, Sonoma, and Paso Robles

Stylish and Feature-Packed
✔ Works completely offline: No internet connection required, no roaming charges for you.
✔ Comes with fully interactive, GPS-enabled OFFLINE MAPS.
✔ AUGMENTED REALITY lets you recognize and identify places nearby.
✔ Detailed information on opening hours, prices, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
✔ Honest reviews and independent advice. No marketing blah blah or crowd-sourced content.
✔ Inspiring gallery with stunning photos.
✔ Stylish and easy to use.

If you like the app, please give us a 5-star rating and a review on iTunes. Here’s the link to the app in the Apple Store.

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The Best PCH Guide
We've read lots of guides to the Pacific Coast, and easily the best one is the Moon Handbook. You can read our review here, or buy it through the Amazon link below.

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Our PCH Hotels Guide

PCH Travel's 2016 guide to Pacific Coast Highway hotels

To help you in choosing your Pacific Coast Highway hotel, guesthouse, inn, bed-and-breakfast, resort, motel or other accommodations, we've prepared our Pacific Coast Highway Hotels Guide. In it we do mini-reviews of accommodations along the Highway, from Seattle to San Diego, through Washington, Oregon, and California.

In all there are over 200 hotels listed, complete with 8 pages of color maps showing the towns where our recommended hotels can be found. There are both alphabetical and geographical indexes, helping you plan your journey.

We also include color photos of all the hotels that are our Personal Favorites. Here's the link to read more about our ebook guide to Pacific Coast Highway hotels.

The 2016 edition of our Hotels Guide is available with maps and color photos (if you have a color reader) in the US Kindle Store for only $4.99 and in the UK Kindle Store and other Kindle stores worldwide at prices based on the US price.

If you want a paperback edition of the 2016 guide  with only black and white photos and black-and-white maps, it costs $6.99 at the US Amazon Book Store and £4.99 in the UK Amazon Store.

We've also published our PCH Hotels Guide as an app in the Apple Store.
You can buy it here and
read about it here.

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